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New feature printing will affect the development trend of the printing industry
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New feature printing will affect the development trend of the printing industry

The printing industry is now looking forward to the changes brought about by new technologies. When we think about the future of printing and discuss printing e-commerce, even some people have invented new terms, such as "new function printing", then how will new terms affect? Printing industry?
We are over-expecting new changes, but we have overlooked an interesting phenomenon in the changes in new technologies in recent years. The shorter the time it takes for new things to change the status quo, the shorter the time it stays, for example, an online game. It may change the daily game show of millions of people in three months, or it may be abandoned by millions of people within three months. In a year or two, the group-purchasing website has helped many restaurants to find new customers who can't come to the restaurant. In just one or two years, the group-buying website has been regarded as a refusal by many restaurants.
Some traditions were invented 50 years ago and may still be circulated for another 50 years. Traditional chess mahjong has existed for hundreds of years and will continue to exist for hundreds of years. So the invention of printing has been going on for hundreds of years, and may it continue for another hundred years?