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The shock and change of the paper packaging printing industry
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The shock and change of the paper packaging printing industry

The output value of printing has increased, but the profit rate has been declining year by year. This is a phenomenon that has been shown in official statistics of the printing industry in China in recent years. This phenomenon shows that China's printing industry has gone through a period of rapid development, reached a certain industrial saturation, and began to enter a period of deep transition, and the market elimination mechanism of the industry has gradually taken shape. Printing companies are beginning to look for new profitability and business areas. The printing industry in 2014 must be a difficult year, a year full of variables, and a year of great opportunities.
Increasing the coexistence of bankruptcy and new students
The integration efforts in 2014 are bound to increase. It is expected that many paper packaging companies will go bankrupt from south to north and from east to west for various reasons, and a number of emerging enterprises will also emerge. The total number of enterprises will be reduced, the total amount will continue to grow, and the benefits of enterprises will be transformed.
Relevant experts predict that in 2014, China's paper packaging industry will continue to grow at double-digit rates. The updated development concept is the requirement of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee for the development of the packaging industry; the extension of the industrial chain, the integration of upstream and downstream, and the construction of industrial parks. In the development model, innovation will be ushered in; as the paper packaging industry shifts to the central and western regions, it will lead to a new round of growth, driving the balanced distribution of products; the transformation from rural to urban residents brought about by the construction of urbanization in China Consumption will directly increase the demand for commodity packaging.
In 2014, printing companies need to be shocked, strengthen their integration with international standards, and even surpass individual technologies to open up new markets and watersheds.
New explosions in high-grade packaging or packaging printing
With the maturity of the modern economy, commodity packaging continues to develop at the high end, and high-grade packaging is sought after by the market. It is worth mentioning here that high-grade packaging is not over-packaging, but a new type of packaging that caters to the needs of the times and fashion and meets environmental requirements.
From the market's dazzling array of fashion products and sales, we have seen consumers' demand for high-grade packaging. The implementation and manufacturing burden of high-grade packaging falls on printing companies.
As the implementer and manufacturer of high-grade packaging, packaging and decoration printing companies should have a deep understanding of the designer's creative intentions, use the new technology, new equipment, new technologies, new materials, and eliminate backward production capacity, on the level, Go up the steps. On the one hand, do a good job in the traditional paper packaging market, on the other hand, to meet the needs of the times and fashion, find and use environmentally friendly new packaging materials to enrich the commodity packaging market.