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Analysis of the six advantages of carton packaging in China
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Analysis of the six advantages of carton packaging in China

First, the carton packaging facilitates mechanized production and packing and sealing flow, high production efficiency, and easy to standardize packaging;
Secondly, it is light in weight and easy to handle and handle. It can avoid or reduce the throwing during loading and unloading, thus reducing the breakage rate. Third, the use of carton packaging and circulation is low. The price of the three-layer corrugated box with the same inner diameter is only the board. 1/3 of the box, and can save about 20% of freight; and the conversion of a wooden box of goods into two cartons, can also save more than 10% of freight;
Fourth, it is clean and firm, can be tightly sealed, and has a good dustproof and moisture-proof performance when it is covered with plastic lining, so it can effectively protect the safety of goods;
Fifth, the carton is easy to fold and lay flat, saves storage capacity when stored, is easy to handle, and is easier to handle or recycle than the wooden box after use;
Sixth, it is easy to leave traces of merchandise in the box, so it can effectively prevent theft of goods, and the insurance company accepts when it is insured in the sea and insured and stolen.