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"A new starting point, with the endeavor, build a dream together!" Tongze Paper 2018 Spring Festival dinner ended successfully!
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"A new starting point, with the endeavor, build a dream together!" Tongze Paper 2018 Spring Festival dinner ended successfully!

On a cold winter day, the warm sun is shining; Jiang Han Wo Ye, Meng Ze’s hometown! On the occasion of the resignation of the old and new, Yunmeng Tongze Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. 2018 Spring Festival Gala Dinner opened on February 5th at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Chusong! Mr. Cai Qunbo, Chairman of Tongze Paper, together with all the staff and guests from afar, gathered together to welcome the New Year!
The guests are full and have a drink. The Tongze family gathered together for fun. In the laughter and laughter, suspend the hard work and struggle of one year and save the power of the New Year! In the warm-hearted speech of the six hosts, Tongze Paper's 2018 Spring Festival Gala Dinner officially began!
--------------- The Spring Festival Gala Dinner leads to the word --------------
Mr. Cai Qunbo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, addressed the New Year. He briefly reviewed the company's major achievements in 2017, placed high hopes on the new year, and sent a sincere New Year greeting to everyone. Later, Mr. Wen Feng, the general manager, made a comprehensive summary of the development of the company in the past year, and proposed the development ideas for 2018. The guests and staff of the site received warm applause!
At the subsequent dinner, the company's management staff toasted each table and thanked each employee for their contribution to the company's development.
---------------Welcome to the Spring Festival Dinner Employees --------------
At the dinner party, the company's outstanding management personnel and outstanding employees in 2017 were commended and commended! Zhang Xuemei, the winner of the "Excellent Management" and the head of the operation department, delivered a speech.
---------------Wonderful Gala Dinner --------------
The colorful literary programs made the scene climax. The opening dance "I wish the motherland three glasses of wine" expressed its love and good wishes to the motherland, bringing a wonderful beginning for the dinner; Zhang Peng, the sales department, "We are not the same", High turned the whole audience, set off a wave of climax The singing and dancing "Time to Rain" brought by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the multi-language reading "Farewell to Cambridge" and the Cantonese song "Red Day" show the youthful vitality and versatility of Tongze employees; six golden flowers and beautiful performances "Love Songs" After the Spring River, it was pleasing and intoxicating; the children who helped the children presented the song "Invisible Wings" and "Hello Tomorrow", which added a lot of fun to the scene. Finally, the special guests sang a song "Nan Shannan" ", singing extraordinary, imposing, sighing, the audience cheered, the applause thunder!
--------------- A lot of prizes in the Spring Festival dinner --------------
The staff game interspersed during the program was very lively, and several rounds of sweepstakes pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The audience laughed and laughed, filled with a warm and happy atmosphere!
At this point, the 2018 Spring Festival Dinner of Tongze Paper came to an end in a warm, joyful and peaceful atmosphere.
Looking back on the past, we work together, work hard, and gain together; looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence, do not forget the beginning of the heart, and move forward! We firmly believe that as long as we work together, we will be able to win the future together!