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LCP Annual Meeting Roundtable Dialogue | The Most Effective Way to Manage Employees
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LCP Annual Meeting Roundtable Dialogue | The Most Effective Way to Manage Employees

  2018-01-04 Xiaohui Huihua Coach (reproduced)
This article is organized from the first round-table dialogue at the 3rd Annual LCP Annual Meeting. Participants include coaches and 6 executives from various companies: Mr. Chen Zhisheng, Executive Director of Xinyi Glasses, Mr. Cai Qunbo, Chairman of Tongze Paper, Huimei Mr. Liu Biao, General Manager of Mold, Ms. Luo Lin, General Manager of Green Lighting, Ms. Wang Fang, Deputy General Manager of Tianpu Clothing, and Mr. Zong Xin, General Manager of Delan Energy.
This is a group of leaders who have combined 150 years of management experience. They share their management experience over the years and may be helpful to you and me.
What do you think is the most effective way to manage employees today?
Chen Zhiwei:
Each company has different needs at different stages. Our company is a very traditional industry. The most effective management method based on the current situation is incentive.
Of course, incentives can make a company go well, but there is no way for the company to go far. In the long run, only culture can make the company go far.
I entered the company in 1994, when the company was not listed, and after the listing was the smallest company in the industry. At that time, only three companies survived together, and only three of these three companies survived.
In fact, the market environment in which we are located is not good. After so many years, we have also seen that the market has not started, and we are also very confused.
Although we are NO.1 in the industry, the opponent may not come from within the industry.
You don't know where he will appear. They may have never done glasses before, but they jumped out and directly defeated you, so we still have a sense of crisis.
We can only change. The first thing is to build the values ​​of "altruism." If there is no altruism, we can't unite a group of people to work together.
Cai Qunbo:
The management office of our company is in a relatively simple management stage. Of course, it has a relationship with one of our water and soil, and it also has a relationship with the project.
The values ​​we proclaim are honesty, gratitude, and altruism, which condenses many of our feelings.
We have a lot of products that are exported. We go to Europe and America. It is very wrong to deal with customers abroad. Because our products are not respected abroad, they think that the products from China are not good.
I have a colleague who told me that he is very pleased to see such a good product in China. He has also done this industry before, and finally gave up, so he knows how difficult it is to do our products.
However, such a good product is not respected abroad, that is, low price, which is 20% cheaper than the local.
But the Chinese should not be treated like this, and the products produced by the Chinese should not be treated like this.
We are smart, our flexibility is our advantage, but we also have integrity, but also the spirit of contract, we are not without the bottom line, we can do the same products, we can compete with the world's outstanding peers.
Why do I put integrity in the first place? Many foreigners believe that there is absolutely no guarantee for doing business with the Chinese, but we must reverse this concept.
Now many Chinese people are turning honesty and gratitude, which is what our company must do.
Culture can manage employees, because everyone has the same philosophy, they are always doing things at the bottom line, and they are doing things according to the standards that everyone recognizes.
Good values ​​can bring employees together. When employees recognize the company's values ​​and recognize the company's bottom line, management returns to itself.
I have never had a big dream, but we must do a good job in the project. This project has brought me a lot of challenges and brought great pressure to my team.
But I just insist on getting the product done, no matter how much effort I put, I want to make the product to the extreme. As a result, people have not done a good project for ten years. In two or three years, we have made technology and products to let foreign customers give us a thumbs up.
We say that the small point is to sigh, and to say that the big point is to work hard to reverse the views of others on Chinese companies, we have to go for a fight.
These partners who work together with us are the people who share our values. We have a group of people in our company. I am very grateful to them.
Liu Biao:
A few days ago, I received a survey report from personnel. I was surprised to find that more than 50% of our employees were in the company after 90 years. Unconsciously, they became a new force after 90 years.
For such a young group, I have not thought of a good way to motivate them.
Our company has a history of nearly 30 years. Many employees have been working in the company since the company was founded. They have been working in the company for nearly 30 years.
How do these 30-year-old employees work with these 90-year-old employees to create value? I haven't found a better solution yet, but this definitely requires soft values, ideas, and culture.
We have been working with our clients for the longest time of 17 years. They are among the top 100 in the industry. I have come along and I have found that we can work with our customers for so long because we have the same or similar values.
If a company wants to develop in the long run, it must rely on corporate culture.
This year is the 24th anniversary of our company. At the annual meeting, I and the personnel director have passed the problem of high turnover rate of new employees. We have many old employees for more than 10 years, but new employees often choose to leave.
This makes me think, is it because we did not let him feel enough warmth when new employees entered the company to cause high turnover of new employees?
When personnel are interviewing employees, his language behavior will affect the choice of employees; when employees are employed, the attitude of personnel will also affect the retention of employees.
So I told the personnel department that when the employee was newly hired, he should let him feel the company's attention and warmth to him. But it is easy to arrange a lot of things, but it is not easy to bring warmth to every employee from the top to the grassroots level.
What we are doing now is to create such a platform to create such a corporate culture, let every new employee feel this culture, feel a warm atmosphere, and make him willing to grow with the company.
Mr. Zhou’s value ecological community, I have a deep understanding, each small team does not exist alone, and together with other small teams, with the company’s large team, and even customers and suppliers, build a value ecological community. .
The question is how do we unite our teams, customers, and suppliers to build a healthy ecosystem and build an ecological community.
What we said before is to make up for our shortcomings, but if I take the time to make up my short board, we will lose a lot of opportunities.
What we have to do now is to learn how to cooperate, you have your strengths, I have my strengths, and integrate our strengths, we can create greater value.
How to implement corporate culture?
Cai Qunbo:
Managing people is a very painful thing. If the people who come in are inconsistent with our values, management will be very painful. We have met many cows. They have many ideas and ambitions, but they do not fit our values. One west to the east is internal consumption.
We also understand the corporate culture, but we have the bottom line. We advocate the bottom line, which is honesty, gratitude and altruism. It is not complicated. Our business is not doing well, but we have won respect from outside.
I am not worried that our company will close down and will go bankrupt. I think our company will not close because we have won the support of employees, suppliers and customers for so many years.
The problem is not so complicated. It is better for people. People are broad, including suppliers and customers. We are always better than suppliers for suppliers. For us, suppliers are God.
Zong Xin:
When we talk about values, we always talk about values ​​very high, considering the interests of suppliers, customers, and employees, that is, not talking about the company's profitability.
Why not talk about the company to make a profit? For the company, the reason for the company's existence is definitely to make a profit.
We have to follow some basic values ​​or universal values, but there will definitely be some illegal things, because the company is going to make a profit.
A few days ago, I watched "No. 1 Incentives". All the key documents of the Communist Party from one to six were handed over to one person for management. Until Japan was evacuated, the victory of the Anti-Japanese War was handed over to the organization.
I wonder if this is a victory for values ​​or a victory for faith?
A friend of mine said that it is a victory of faith, but I think that belief is of course important, but there is something more primitive than belief that is quality.
Faith may come from society, but quality may come from parents.
The purpose of management is to achieve what to achieve, not what to follow.
For example, we have a team of 10 people to achieve a goal, what we rely on, values ​​are of course necessary, but this is only the basis. Management is organizational behavior, and more depends on mutual trust, quality, and relationship.
Therefore, I think that the most effective way to manage employees is leadership. When leadership is upgraded to a certain stage, you can build a strong organization, even if there are only one or two people, you can achieve your goals.
Leadership can strengthen organizational strength and ultimately achieve organizational goals.
I believe in the improvement of organizational skills brought about by the improvement of leadership.
We need to improve the leadership of each individual and enhance the vitality of every cell. Leadership comes from every individual in the organization, not from someone in the organization. This is a dynamic concept.
What is your main role as a leader in management?
Wang Fang:
I play the role of support and encourager in the organization. Strictly speaking, I want to play the role of a coach, but I feel that I am not qualified enough, and I need continuous efforts and growth.
Honestly, every member of my team has more special skills than me. I can't teach them anything about professional ability. I can only play the role of support and encourager.
In the process of learning LCP, I feel more about the power of role change. When I really work from the perspective of the coach and the team, the power to give the team members is different.
In the course of this year's LCP6, I made a case that was very impressive and very painful. In the process of coach role transformation, we have an error in the perception of the position.
Only when you are qualified for the job can you truly lead the team to a farther goal. And I need to find a clearer and more clear positioning for myself.
I also have the role of support and encouragement in the team, but at this stage it is mainly the team builder.
At this stage, I want to help the following supervisors to improve their leadership, so that they have the ability to bring each team together, and each team is together to form a competitive and large team.
Many of our company's supervisors have better capabilities than me, but can a capable person lead a team and let everyone on the team grow? This is uncertain.
I hope that I can stand at a higher angle and have more time to think. I also hope that the leaders of our team can stand in a higher position and plan for the common prospects of the company.
What do you think your team needs you to support?
Chen Zhiwei:
Our team has two aspects that require my support:
The first one is the support of resources, the financial system is relatively sound, and the normal process will be longer, but I can help them break through this;
The second is to support them in terms of ability, so that they can believe in themselves more. I have been in the company for a long time, and my colleagues trust me. If they feel that they are not doing well, I will provide support.
This year, two of the larger projects were completed by our team. Only three to five weeks, these teams that have not done such a similar project have achieved very good results and won a lot of praise. Everyone feels very fulfilled and the confidence of the team is up.