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"High pressure, no moisture, environmentally friendly and recyclable" wax carton, effectively reduce the loss of fruits and vege
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"High pressure, no moisture, environmentally friendly and recyclable" wax carton, effectively reduce the loss of fruits and vege

At present, there are three major pain points in ordinary fruit and vegetable packaging cartons.
1.The hardness of the carton is not enough. The bumps of long-distance transportation are likely to cause the carton to collide and change, and the fruit is damaged;
2.After being taken out of the cold storage or freezer, the carton returns to the tide and collapses, causing the loss of packaging protection of fruits and vegetables to fall from the bottom of the carton, causing damage to fruits and vegetables, complaints from customers, and direct and indirect economic losses;
3.There are many counterfeiters of brand fruits and vegetables, and ordinary carton with high homogenization cannot increase the recognition of the brand from the packaging.
Tongze wax carton as a high-pressure (can bear 600 kg), non-returning, environmentally friendly and recyclable patent packaging products, can effectively solve the pain points of ordinary packaging carton. In foreign countries, wax carton is a mature packaging product for fruits and vegetables, seafood and poultry, which has been popular for decades.
The wax products of Tongze Paper's specialty products have been popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Russia and other countries for many years, and have been well received by customers. As the leader of Chinese wax cartons, Tongze Paper is committed to the promotion and application of wax cartons in the domestic market, which will inevitably lead to a new wave of reform of high-quality fruit and vegetable packaging.
On October 24th, Tongze Wax Carton was grandly launched at the 10th Asian Fruit Festival held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. The debut of the fruit and vegetable farms, wholesalers and e-commerce has caused enthusiastic response. demand.
At the 10th Asian Fruit and Vegetable Industry Expo and China Future Fruit Industry Development Trend Summit Forum, Mr. Cai Qunbo, Chairman of Yunmeng Tongze Paper Packaging Co., Ltd., shared the theme of “Innovative Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Wax Carton”.