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Good news! Tongze wax carton exceeds the domestic sales target for 2017
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Good news! Tongze wax carton exceeds the domestic sales target for 2017

On October 24, 2017, Shanghai Yaguo Club was the first official appearance of Tongze Wax Carton in the domestic market. After that, the development of the domestic market in just two or three months was a dazzling achievement. On the eve of the arrival of 2018, Tongze wax carton exceeded the target of 3 domestic customers before the end of the year, except for Keyuan International, Youguo, Senyue Fruit, Hunchun Xinmao, Fatdonglai Business Group, and officially placed orders. Multiple orders are under negotiation.
“Thank you for your trust and support! Wax carton as an excellent fresh-packed carton product has been popular in foreign countries for decades, but it is rarely known in China. In order to better serve domestic customers, we have established The domestic business department of Tongze Wax Carton. I believe that China will be the largest sales market for Tongze Wax Carton. I am full of confidence!" said Mr. Cai Qunbo, Chairman of Tongze Paper.
As a large-scale enterprise with strong strength and self-production and self-sales, Tongze Paper has 100% export of its special products “wax carton” to the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia and other countries, and has won high praise from customers! Tongze wax carton has the advantages of “high pressure resistance, no moisture return, environmental protection and recyclability”, which can help fresh agricultural products effectively reduce losses, ensure food safety and health, and improve consumer satisfaction. In addition, the patented performance of Tongze wax carton allows agricultural products to effectively prevent counterfeiting from packaging and help build their own brands.
Tongze Paper is the leader of Chinese wax carton! Take the road of sustainable development, consciously devote ourselves to the trend of the era of reform and innovation, and respond to the great call of "Green Water Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan" to build a beautiful China! With the strong resources accumulated by Tongze Wax Carton in the foreign agricultural products industry and the company's own understanding of the domestic market, Tongze Paper looks at the growth potential of domestic fresh packaging service demand, and hopes to cooperate with people of insight. Accelerate the layout of the domestic market and make the environmentally friendly wax carton widely used. I believe that Tongze wax carton will open a new world in China!
Mr. Cai Qunbo, Chairman of Tongze Paper, and Mr. Zhu Qingsen, General Manager of Senyue Fruits