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85000Ten thousand yuan
5188Ten thousand yuan

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166000 Square meter

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Tongze Idea

Tongze Idea

Building an ecological civilization is a long-term plan that affects the well-being of the people and the future of the nation. Facing the grim situation of tight resources, serious environmental pollution and degraded ecosystems, Tongze Paper always adheres to the concept of ecological civilization that respects nature, conforms to nature and protects nature, puts ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, and strives to build beautiful China. Realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The report of the 19th National Congress also clearly stated: "Building a platform to create a good environment, providing policy support, and promoting the non-public economy to achieve faster and better development."

This is a new era!

In the next five years, Tongze Paper will give full play to the advantages of resources such as team, intellectual property, geography, policy, etc., and join hands with well-known domestic enterprises to share marketing platforms, seize market opportunities, improve product quality, further develop markets, conduct diversified operations, and continue In order to promote the healthy development of the environmental protection market, it will eventually achieve agricultural and industrial production, increase revenue, and increase efficiency. Reduce packaging transportation losses, reduce transportation costs, and make the greatest contribution to creating an environment-friendly and value-added resource-saving society.