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Chairman's speech

Chairman's speech

In 1924, American businessman Clarence Birds invented a method of freezing packaged food. Under US law, food must be frozen and sterilized before it can be put on the market in order to ensure that the food is not spoiled by long distances. In addition, the American citizens pay attention to the nutrient content and have the habit of eating raw vegetables. The preservation of vegetables has become a special and arduous task. Therefore, in the United States, a waterproof and anti-freeze wax carton for fresh vegetables has been born.

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, the awareness of health, the demand for fresh and non-polluting high-grade ingredients, and the demand for domestic high-end agricultural products to be sold all over the world, wax cartons will become an ideal. Environmentally friendly cold chain packaging is popular in China.
Tongze Paper specializes in the research and development of wax cartons and other products. Currently, it is mainly exported to Europe and the United States. It is now expanding its domestic market, mainly for the packaging of farms, fisheries, pastures and agricultural products. The wax carton produced by our company has excellent performances such as high strength, waterproof and moisture proof. It can effectively protect products, reduce losses in transportation and storage, and obtain the strict environmental quality certification of the European Union.
Agriculture is a project of people's livelihood and a project of conscience. Every year, the No. 1 document of the Central Government is about agriculture. The development of Tongze Paper today is due to the awe of life and the care for the peasants. Let us work together to work hard for China's ecological agriculture construction, for the prosperity of Chinese farmers, and to enhance the brand of Chinese agricultural products!